March 23, 2023

Homestead Exemption in Dallas: All you need to know

How much is the homestead exemption in Dallas County?

Homeowners in Dallas County get $100,000 general homestead exemption from their school district. Dallas County, The City of Dallas, Dallas College and Parkland Hospital, all provide a 20% homestead exemption. Similarly, most other cities also provide a 20% exemption.

district provides a 20% exemption. Other taxing units in the county can offer a minimum of $5,000 exemption, upto 20%.

If your ISD tax rate is 1.3%, then you save $520 on school district taxes. Similar savings are available from other taxing units.

In addition, if you are over 65 years of age or disabled, you get an extra $10,000 to $25,000 off on your school district appraised value. Other taxing units may also offer you specific exemptions.

How to apply for homestead exemption in Dallas?

Unfortunately, Dallas CAD doesn't have an online form submission system yet. (As on March 24th 2023). You can search for your property and print the Homestead Exemption PDF and fill it up manually. Alternatively, you can also use the fillable form 50-114 available on Texas Comptroller's website and submit that to DCAD with a copy of your Texas DL and other supporting documents, as needed. Refer to our instructions on how to fill your homestead exemption form

When can you file homestead exemption in Dallas?

Dallas county homestead exemption applications are due by April 30th each year. Beginning Jan 1st 2022, you can apply for your homestead exemption as soon as you move in and get your Texas DL updated. In case you forgot to apply, you can claim homestead exemption retroactively for upto 2 years

How do I check my Dallas County homestead exemption status?

You can check your Dallas County Homestead Exemption status on Dallas County Appraisal District's property search page. You can search by your address, account or owner name. Once the record shows up, click on it and go to your property details page. Scroll to the "Exemptions" section. Here is an example:

Dallas County homestead exemption gives you $100,000 off the appraised value

Click on "Exemption Details" to view history of exemptions available in the previous years.

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